Thyroid Issues

If you feel as though you’re dragging yourself through the days, and the world has taken on a tinge of flat greyness, your thyroid may be slowing you down. Hypothyroidism is the technical term for a sluggish, underactive thyroid. This is by far the most common thyroid problem effecting women. When your thyroid is sluggish and tired, levels of thyroxine and the active T3 form of the hormone drop. As the conductor of your metabolic symphony, a lack of these hormones quite literally extinguishes your spark!
If you recognise more than a few of the following symptoms yourself, it’s time to have a thorough thyroid check up, as you may be one of the thousands of women living with hidden hypothyroidism.
  • fatigue
  • falling asleep easily when you sit down to read or watch a film etc
  • weight gain or difficulty loosing weight
  • feeling cold all the time, and suffering from cold hands and feet
  • low mood, depression, poor memory
  • sluggish digestive system with tendency to constipation
  • menstrual problems such as irregular or heavy periods
  • infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage
  • low sex drive
  • dry skin and hair/hair loss
  • joint and/or muscle pains
  • a slow heart beat even when you are not fit
  • hoarseness and husky voice
Not only does living with an underactive thyroid make life a miserable experience, it also increases your risk of a range of other health problems, some of them life threatening. A sluggish thyroid may be the underlying cause of high cholesterol and triglycerides; high blood pressure, clogged arteries and heart attacks. In fact, if you are diagnosed with cardiovascular problems and you have no genetic or lifestyle risk factors, always insist on a thorough thyroid screening. Depression and anxiety mar the lives of many women, and antidepressant therapy is standard practice…. but for some of these women, an underactive thyroid is the cause of their ongoing emotional suffering.