Pregnancy Care Overview

Hello and Welcome.

Here you will find a wealth of useful information to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the ideal health care choice during pregnancy, with both an impressive history of success, and a significant body of modern day scientific research proving its safety and efficacy.

Today, women in all corners of the world benefit from acupuncture maternity care. With a time tested history of more than 2000 years of use, obstetric acupuncture has more than proven itself to be both safe and effective for use during the precious 9 months of pregnancy.

The wide range of pregnancy and birth related issues which may be supported with acupuncture is impressive. From pre-conception fertility problems, through to common pregnancy related conditions such as morning sickness, heart burn and back pain, acupuncture has a positive role to play.

Preparing for your childbirth with pre-natal acupuncture may facilitate a faster and less complicated birth experience. Three or four sessions of acupuncture in the weeks after birth may enhance your post birth recovery and support energy and mood, as well as optimizing milk production and breast feeding.  Clinical trials proving the efficacy of acupuncture in pregnancy  

Pregnancy/Birth Issues covered at the Clinic:

  • sub fertility and difficulty conceiving
  • pre conception planning and health optimization
  • repeated miscarriage
  • morning sickness
  • digestive problems including heart burn, reflux and constipation
  • back , hip and pubic pain
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy
  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • poor fetal growth
  • turning breech and posterior presentations
  • birth preparation
  • labour induction
  • post natal recovery
  • treatment of caesarian scars
  • breast feeding difficulties including poor milk production and mastitis
  • post natal depression

I look forward to helping you experience a healthy, happy and positive pregnancy and childbirth.

Lynda Wharton