Last year I attended Lynda Wharton's talk on Breast Health in Pukekohe. Lynda's years of professional experience as a health practitioner, is evident when she shares with a group her knowledge and passion for women's health. Lynda is an inspirational and vibrant speaker, I could listen to her talk all day. After I heard Lynda speak on women's health, I purchased her book Well-Being and started reading it as soon as I got home. I tell everyone that Lynda's book Well-Being, is a bible for women's health. Everyone women needs a copy!

Tamara Bennett , Franklin District ACC Tai Chi provider for Falls Prevention

I recently organized a women's weekend retreat where Lynda gave a most illuminating talk. Her information was well researched and presented, and many of the women who attended had read her book and commented how good it was to meet her in person and to have the freedom to ask specific questions. We need more qualified women like Lynda spreading the truth about best approaches to disease prevention, and about how to live more proactive lives!

Wendy Jowsey, MA Ed - Educator, Facilitator and Author

Many thanks for your enlightening talk at yesterday’s Health Seminar. It is so refreshing to hear someone talking about breast cancer prevention. One of my pet peeves is the idea that ‘detection is prevention’ when it is clearly not. As a result of your illuminating talk, I did buy your book and have been browsing it. It is certainly packed full of very helpful information. I shall be keeping it on hand as one of my few reference books ...Best wishes