“I saw Lynda when I had pregnancy urticaria. I loved how Lynda looked at my health and wellbeing as a whole and not just this one issue. This pregnancy condition had left me feeling hopeless and Lynda’s treatment plan has helped restore enjoyment to my pregnancy” – Gemma R

“My mother told me she can’t believe how I’m just taking this pregnancy in my stride and am calm and unperturbed by it all… she’s been expecting me to be a lot more highly strung. I can’t recommend Lynda highly enough. ” – Rachel S”

“From my first consultation Lynda made me feel so at ease and I came away with a sense of calmness knowing I could get well” – Elise D”

“My first appointment with Lynda was quite emotional, I was able to share and talk openly about how I was feeling. I felt like a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders and Lynda was so empathetic and knowledgeable. Thank you Lynda for your kindness and helping me get to a much better place” – S.M.


“Dear Lynda, thank you, thank you, thank you…. I am so happy to have my life back and feel well again…. – With gratitude from Antonia.”


“I really feel that the treatment plan Lynda recommended has greatly improved my overall quality of life and I have no hestitation in recommending Lynda to anyone”. – Sheree


“From Awful to Amazing sums up my Before and After seeing Lynda. This grand change in how I felt happened within days of my first appointment with Lynda”. – Holly D.


“I wish I had known about Lynda 20 years ago. She is so warm and welcoming, but the thing that impressed me the most was how in depth the initial assessment was, and that I came away with a treatment plan all of my own. I am 44. I have the energy of a teenager and I have my life back. Thank you Lynda” – Maddy


“Thank you Lynda for seeing me through such a terrible and heartbreaking time and helping my body to heal from the inside out. My entire family owe you a big thank you”. – Charmaine


“Lynda’s sessions were very peaceful and professional. I would recommend Lynda to anyone preparing for the birth of their child. She is well respected in the community”. – Amba H


“Lynda has helped me to get my health back. I cannot remember the last time I have felt this way. I could not speak highly enough of Lynda and her work”. – Lidya

“Thank you Lynda. My sense of well-being is restored and my self esteem has returned. I would recommend Lynda without hesitation as someone who is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things in a way that anyone can understand, as well as having a naturally calm and gentle nature which immediately puts you at ease” Hayley F


“Truly, Lynda was a person of the year for our family, I wish we had more people like her around. God bless you Lynda!” Ilya


“I would thoroughly recommend Lynda. She is a professional, talented and a lovely, lovely person” – Clare


“Over the last ten years I have been to see Lynda for various problems and I can honestly say that I have been absolutely delighted with the success of the treatments and supplements” – Carole G


“I too am a naturopath and I am always impressed by Lynda’s depth of knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that my eventual success in carrying a child resulted from regular acupuncture with someone of Lynda’s expertise and character”. – Joanna A


“As far as I’m concerned Lynda has “healing hands”.   I feel like a different person to the one who walked into her clinic a few months ago” – Ceri B


“Lynda has an enormous wealth of experience and a wonderful manner focused on helping clients through what can be very stressful times. I have no hesitation recommending her to others to assist physically and emotionally with the childbirth journey” Fiona


“Wow I am so grateful I found Lynda. What a lovely caring lady. She has helped me so much with my ongoing health challenges over the years. The change has been amazing. I will never be able to thank Lynda enough”. Sue P


“I am looking forward to continuing my work with Lynda to support a healthy pregnancy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda to anyone…. This stuff works!!” Jackie M”


“If you have any health issues, I would really recommend Lynda. You will be amazed at how your health can be improved” Lotte


“When I first came to see Lynda I was in desperate need of a “fix” for both physical and emotional issues. I started to notice improvements almost immediately and a drastic improvement in my outlook on life. Six months later I literally feel like a new woman. She truly is amazing” – Natalie


“Right from the start Lynda was extremely caring, understanding and knowledgeable, and for the first time in seven years I had a spark of hope. – Helen H


“I would not hesitate to recommend Lynda to any woman experiencing health difficulties. I will also be straight back to Lynda should my migraines or any other symptoms start to reoccur” – Jen S


“Thank you Lynda you have helped my health issues so much. I also especially enjoyed your kindness and those little gems of wisdom that effectively allowed me to see a bigger picture with some of the issues I face.” Julia


“I have found acupuncture to not only be powerfully effective but also relaxing and gentle. Lynda came highly recommended by Midwives throughout Auckland and other practicing acupuncturists” – Kylie


“I began to see Lynda when I embarked on our 3rd round of IVF. Lynda was welcoming and genuinely cared about supporting me through the journey. Her flexibility to fit me in around appointments at the fertility clinic was amazing. I would highly recommend Lynda to anyway looking for acupuncture treatments (PS the IVF was successful!)” – K.R


“Thank you Lynda from the bottom of my heart. Without you and your healing hands and infinite wisdom, my life would not be as it is today. My life is fuller and richer and I have hope for the future” – P.B